Seasonal Ales

Seasonal Ales are produced by us to mark an occasion, commemorate an event or just to mark a Season. Sometimes we get an idea and just run with it.

The following seasonal ales we have planned so far will be produced for short periods of time. Some may be only one batch. Others may be more. So if you would like some don’t hang around it may be gone before you blink.

However if you are looking to establish an ale on your bar for a longer period of time please check out our KEEPERS range

January 2018

Here we have the Mad Cat’s Ninth Life 5.9% Golden Ale IPA

January needs something to make you feel warm inside. To hold the chill at bay this cracking IPA will warm the cockles of your heart.

High Gravity India Pale Ale. Cascade and Columbus Hops Dominate this Strong Ale. Full Bodied pale malts balance the hoppiness


March -April 2017

Oatrageous Oat Pale Ale 3.9%.

This is a full bodied pale ale, with plenty of smooth bittering from Bodicea Hops and an up front aroma from Kents world renowned East Kent Goldings Hops. Oatrageous is 3.9% Abv, so not too weak and not too strong. It wont cause anyone to quaker in their boots…

April 2017

Buzz Wiser Honey Ale 3.8%.

Refreshingly light, spring/summer pale ale with a hint of honey sweetness! The sweetness from the honey is balanced with american hops with a floral aroma. A balanced, sessionable ale.

May-June 2017

Special Relationship. Anglo-American Pale Ale 4.8%.

A Special Relationship of British and American Hops have joined forces to produce an Alliance of Strength. British Hops (Challenger and Bramling Cross nurtured in Kent) and American hops (Centennial, reared in Washington) combine in this hoppy, fruity and spicy ale to stand firm against the evils of the world. Drink-Up It’s a Jungle Out There!

Summer Season 2017 June – September 2017

Pow Wow. Session Pale Ale 3.6%.

Wild West Cluster and Tomahawk hops produce a fruity balanced refreshingly light beer. When the Natives are gathering and the Spirit may be with you for hours or days, when Dancing to the Drum and banging your feet with a Ya Hey! may be required, you need to last the distance. Pow Wow Session Pale Ale 3.6 %. brewed to be enjoyed for all those long mystical gatherings.

July 2017

Elder Blonde 4.5%.

An Elder flower infused, summer pale ale. Cascade hops and caramel malts blend with the Elder flower to create an easy drinking, floral, balanced ale. Not too bitter, nor too sweet and with plenty of oomph from a 4.5% abv.

Green Hop Season – September 2017

MAD CAT FINAL PUMP CLIP FINAL DESIGNS ARTWORKSyndale Pale Ale 4.3% and Buzz Wiser Honey Ale 3.8% 

September brings the hop harvest to Kent and to celebrate this local natural bounty we brew ales made with hops less than 12 hours old between picking and brewing. They are so fresh they dont even undergo any drying. We simply go to the hop garden load up fresh hops and add them straight to our copper. This means that the flavours which could be lost during the Oast House drying process are retained in the beer. A local delicacy check out the Green Hop Festival for more details

July 2017 and October 2017- January ’18

Educated Guess 4.7%

Educated Guess has a split season. A brief venture out in the summer as a balance against a flood of pale ales and a re-appearance late in the Autumn and Early Winter.

Dark and full bodied and balanced with Bramling Cross, East Kent Goldings and Cascade hops.

September – January 2017-18

Jet Black Stout 4.5%

Roasted Barley, Black patent malt, Chocolate Malt, Oats. Lightly balanced hops. This is a well rounded Jet Black Stout. Dark malts lend a dry bitterness to stouts, with hints of coffee and dark chocolate. These are good things, when that bitterness is balanced with the right amount and varieties of hops and caramel malts. We chose our Bramling Cross hops for their dark fruit flavours, but used them sparingly, only enough to balance, and no more. Oats are added to the mash to increase the body and smooth down the mouthfeel. A proper full bodied stout with a complex flavour. What more could dark beer lovers want, oh, it has a thick creamy, sepia coloured head from the pump as well…

IT’S CHRISTMAS !!! Available December 2017

Santa Paws 4.5%

Ginger and Cinnamon Amber 2017 Christmas Special is delicious. Ginger and Cinnamon bring the taste of Christmas to our customers in this seasonally flavoured ale

Ninth Life

January 2018

Ninth Life 5.9% IPA.

A heart warming strong ale to keep the cold and snow at bay. Golden Ale made with Cascade and Columbus Hops. Full bodied malts balance the hoppiness to perfection.