Seasonal Ales

We brew our seasonal ales to mark an event, incorporate seasonal ingredients or, sometimes, just for the fun of it.

The following seasonal ales we have planned will be produced for short periods of time. Some may be only one batch; others may be more. So if you would like some, don’t hang around or it may be gone before you know it.

However, if you are looking to establish an ale on your bar for a longer period of time, please check out our KEEPERS range.


December 2018 – January 2019

We’re Dooomed! 4.1%

With Hogmanay and Burn’s Night upon us, we decided to get into the seasonal spirit with this Highland fling of a Scottish-style, 80-shilling ale.

Sweet and malty with a dry finish and just a hint of hops, We’re Dooomed! will warm your sporran on those chilly winter nights.

Hops: Target and First Gold

February – March 2019

Jester 4.0%

A relatively new hop on the block, Jester® brings the intense flavours and complex bitterness of new world varieties, but is British, born and bred.

Fruity with grapefruit and tropical notes, this is a unique beer experience. Just using the one hop variety, and a limited selection of pale malts, shows it off to its very best!

Hops: Only Jester®


March – April 2019

Ninth Life 5.9%

Historically, spring was a time for brewing strong ales, and at 5.9% this hoppy, golden IPA certainly follows in that tradition.

Our strongest cask ale has a wonderful liquorice, citrus and peppery hop aroma, balanced with a smooth blend of full-bodied pale malts.

Hops: First Gold, Columbus and Cascade.

April 2019 onwards

Under Pressure 4.0%

Under Pressure is a steam beer or ‘California common’ style beer, which dates back to the Californian gold rush of late 1800’s. German brewers, keen to sell beer to the thirsty miners, were unable to afford refrigeration so were forced to ferment their lager yeasts at ale temperatures, creating a whole new type of beer – a lager/ale hybrid.

Brewing this way produces a smooth malt sweetness, unique fruity characteristics and lingering bitter finish

Hops: Target, Aurora and East Kent Golding

May 2019

Catro 4.0%

To mark our 400th brew, we created this extra special beer with four different kinds of grain – barley, wheat, rye and oats – as well as four different hops from four different countries and brewed to 4% abv.

Called Catro (do you see what we did there?), this dark farmhouse style beer is packed with flavour, including notes of caramel, dried fruit and a hint of spiciness from the saison yeast, yet is light and refreshing.

Hops: Magnum, Aurora, Cascade and Bramling Cross

STOP PRESS! Catro won a silver award at the SIBA South East Beer Awards 2019!

June 2019

Tuk Tuk Thai-PA 4.6%

Prepare to be transported to the Far East with this zingy and refreshing pale ale. Inspired by Thai cuisine, Tuk Tuk is infused with lemon grass and lime, which perfectly complements it’s citrusy hops. The perfect partner for South East Asian food, obviously.

Hops: Target, First Gold, Cascade and Hallertau Blanc

July 2019

St Augustine’s Cross 4.8%

For centuries monks have been brewing ales to quench the thirst of wandering pilgrims, but the Trappist monks of Belgium have taken this art to heavenly heights.

St Augustine’s Cross – named after the landing site of St Augustine in Thanet in 597AD – is our homage to the famed “Abbaye” style beers brewed by the Trappists. Rich and flavoursome, with a perfectly balanced hop profile and a delightfully refreshing finish, this truly is a divine ale.

“Possibly our best beer ever” – Peter Meaney, Director

Hops: Target, East Kent Golding, Aurora and Cascade

June – September 2019

Pow Wow 3.6%

Wild West Cascade and Tomahawk hops produce a fruity, balanced, refreshingly light summer session beer.

When the Natives are gathering and the Spirit may be with you for hours or days, when dancing to the drum and banging your feet with a Ya Hey! may be required, you need to last the distance. Pow Wow session pale ale is brewed to be enjoyed for all those long mystical gatherings.

Hops: Cascade and Tomahawk

August – September 2019

Plum Source Porter 4.3%

Being based at The National Fruit Collection at Brogdale Farm, we are surrounded by the oldest, rarest, most delicious fruits in the world, so why haven’t we used them in our beers?! Well, now we have!

With access to 337 varieties of plums on-site, a plum porter was calling out to be made. Using a rare, heritage variety sourced directly from the orchards behind the brewery, we produce a rich, rounded, mouth-watering porter. Because we use the best and ripest plum variety available on brew day, every batch is completely unique.

Hops: Magnum, First Gold, East Kent Golding and Bramling Cross


Green Hop Season – September 2019

Syndale Green Hop Pale Ale 4.3% and Green Hop Oatrageous 3.8%

September brings the hop harvest to Kent and to celebrate this local natural bounty we brew ales made with fresh ‘green’ hops picked just hours before we brew. We simply go to the hop farm, load up with fresh hops and add them straight into our copper.

As they are not dried, green hops retain more of their delicious aromas, helping to produce wonderful beers that can only be found at this time of year. And with them needing to be so fresh, all the hops come from our local area.

We always make two different ales with the green hops and this year sees the return of a couple of popular ales.

One is going to be Syndale Green Hop Pale Ale, which is made with hops from Syndale Farm, less than a mile from our brewery. Only ever brewed with green East Kent Golding hops, it is delicious with herbal and floral aromas.

The other is a green hop version of our old favourite, Oatrageous. At 3.8% this pale ale is surprisingly full-bodied thanks to a large helpling of oats. Not too weak and not too strong, it wont cause anyone to quaker in their boots (geddit).

A local delicacy, check out the Green Hop Festival for more details and come to our special green hop brewery tour and tasting on 28 Sept 2019.

October 2019 – January 2020

Jet Black Stout 4.5%

All stouts are black, but this one is jet black! Roasted barley and black malt provide depth of colour and lend a dry bitterness, with hints of coffee and dark chocolate, which is balanced with caramel malts and oats that provide sweetness and body.

Bramling Cross hops are added for their dark berry flavours and a gentle bitterness, whilst a touch of Cascade brings a fruity twist. This smooth, full bodied stout has a complex flavour and is our most highly rated beer. What more could dark beer lovers want?!

Hops: Cascade and Bramling Cross

Brand new Christmas ale for December 2019

We are bringing out a brand new Christmas ale and winter-warmer for winter 2019/2020. Details coming soon…