For centuries monks have been brewing ales to quench the thirst of wandering pilgrims, but the Trappist monks of Belgium have taken this art to heavenly heights. St Augustine's Cross - named after the landing site of St Augustine in Thanet in 597AD - is our homage to the famed "Abbaye" style beers brewed by the Trappists. Rich and flavoursome, with a perfectly balanced hop profile and a delightfully refreshing finish, this truly is a divine ale.

"Possibly our best beer ever" - Peter Meaney, Director

ABV: 4.8%

Look: Pale gold

Aroma: Spring flowers

Taste: Clove, vanilla and biscuit

IBU: 28

Hops: Pilgrim, East Kent Goldings, Aurora and Cascade

Food Pairing: Perfect with chicken wings, spicy noodles, tarts and pastries

Sold in:

  • Cask
  • 5 litre minikeg
  • 330ml bottles
  • Keykeg

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