All stouts are black, but this is jet black stout! Roasted barley and black malt provide depth of colour and lend a dry bitterness, with hints of coffee and dark chocolate, which is balanced with caramel malts and oats that provide sweetness and body.

Bramling Cross hops are added for their dark berry flavours and a gentle bitterness, whilst a touch of Cascade brings a fruity twist. This smooth, full bodied stout has a complex flavour and is our most highly rated beer. What more could dark beer lovers want?!

ABV: 4.5%

Look: Black

Aroma: Berry and orange

Taste: Malty, dark, chocolate and smooth

IBU: 12

Hops: Bramling Cross and Cascade

Food Pairing: Perfect with winter stews and roasted meats

Sold in:

  • Cask
  • 5 litre minikeg
  • 330ml bottles
  • Keykeg

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