We are very lucky to be located right at the heart of Kent's hop-growing region. Not only do we get to see those lovely bines in all their glory, but every September at harvest time we get to brew a very special kind of beer - green hop beer.

You see, when hops are dried, they lose some of their precious aroma. But if you use them freshly picked from the farm, before they've been dried, they give beer a special and unique flavour. This is the magic of green hops, but that magic is also short-lived as the hops must be used within hours of picking, so this beer can only be brewed at harvest time.

We brew a green hop beer every year - sometimes two or three - but they're often different from year-to-year. In the past we have made one-off specials, green-hop versions of our regular beers or just whatever takes our fancy! Look out for them during the Autumn months.

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