Mad Cat Merch

Now beer fans can not only drink a beer, they can wear it too!

By wearing it we aren’t talking about a rather clumsy drinking session where you end up with a pint of Big Stik (other beers are available) down your shirt.

We are actually talking about fans of Mad Cat being well groomed with a clothing range that celebrates their favourite brewery.  

Since we have been out on the markets and delivering directly to customers, we have been inundated with requests for merchandise, especially clothing.  Not being ones to ignore the requests of our loyal customers – we had to look into this.

As you asked, we have delivered… We now have a range of clothing available on the merchandise page of our website.  As you will see, there is something for everyone, from hats to hoodies, Shirts to T’s.  And if you can’t find your dream bit of merch, drop us a message and we’ll see if we can stock it in the future.

We plan to expand the range, so keep checking back.  But if you want to show your love for the Mad Cat, head over to our online shop to get your paws on some.

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