Life at Brogdale Farm

When we first started looking for a place to set up our microbrewery in 2012, we were very keen for it to be located in the Faversham area.  Not only is this a convenient location for us, with Faversham’s history of brewing, we felt it was a good omen!

We looked around various locations, but from the moment we found the unit at Brogdale, we knew we had to set up here.

The initial attraction was the location, close to M2 and major road routes, then the unit itself had easy access meaning we could forklift equipment and beer in an out if needed.   The fact there were other businesses onsite also appealed, it meant we would have some company, and could wave a cheery hello each morning. Finally of course, being on a working farm meant that we could take a walk, stretch our legs and enjoy a bit of nature on our breaks.

At the time we moved in to Brogdale Farm it was a good location, with a good unit that suited our needs, we didn’t fully appreciate how invaluable the location would become in the years that followed.

I had underestimated how much being part of a business community would matter. Brogdale Farm is home to a wide variety of small businesses.  And rather than just being our neighbours they have become part of our daily lives.  

I find it’s good to have people around, particularly people who, like you, are running a small business, they understand the highs and lows that involves.  There is always someone around to congratulate you on your wins, commiserate on your losses, offer advice, make recommendations or just pass the time of day with.  

From this, the collaborations came.  Woolley Pig Cider is an obvious one, and we both sell each other’s produce along side our own.  Then there is our fantastic onsite shop, Tiddly Pomme who kindly stock and sell our beers.  

You can’t talk about Brogdale Farm without mentioning Brogdale Collections, which looks after the UK’s National Fruit Collection, right here on the farm.  This gives us the opportunity to create specialist brews using ingredients grown on our doorstep and is an exciting part of our business.

Brogdale Collections also run various events throughout the year that are well attended by the public.  We try to join in where every possible, either with a stall, supplying beer, or opening up for brewery tours.

Every week there are new benefits to working in such a fantastic location and I guess over the past year it’s really bought it home to us how special it is to be surrounded by such wonderful businesses and have so many events on your doorstep. 

During the lockdowns when many businesses here were closed and the events were cancelled, we realised how much we missed seeing friendly faces everyday and how important they had become in our daily lives.  So now, as we hopefully get back to normal, we very much look forward to having a chat to our neighbours over a coffee from the Courtyard and maybe even a game of table tennis, and we look forward to seeing what comes from this in the future.

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