Green Hop festival

Mad Cat Brewery – Green Hop Festival

You may of heard of the Faversham Hop Festival that usually takes place in Faversham to mark the start of hop picking. We are now in the middle of The Green Hop Festival, which is a celebration of the first brews made from this year’s hops.

The Green Hop Festival runs from 24th September through to 10th of October. Mad Cat Brewery has brewed two new beers from this year’s green hop harvest called Long Tail and Green & Gold. In total we brewed 60 barrels of these green hop beers.

We are delighted to say that we have now sold out of both brews. This has meant we have been out delivering to our outlets across the region every day this week, which has presented challenges in light of the current fuel crisis!

Luckily we have a resourceful team of clever kitties who have ensured that we have diesel. They are lending a paw to ensure all orders are received ready for thirsty drinkers to try and enjoy.

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