Keepers are ales so popular we aim to keep them available all the time.

We craft regular brews of the following Real Ales. The KEEPER range incorporates colour variation from dark to light, low hop level ales and high hop level ales and various alcohol strengths for a balanced bar.

However we also like to bounce around like Mad Cats and enjoy the creativity and challenge of making different styles of ale. So for Seasonal Specials please see our SEASONAL range




Golden India Pale Ale 4.2%. A Golden ale made by blending pale ale and amber malted barley. It has two bittering hops Phoenix and Pride of Ringwood and two aroma hops Celeia and Cascade resulting in a hoppy refreshing citrus crispness which makes this beer very popular. Hoppy, delicious and golden. Great with highly flavoured food.




Platinum Blonde Ale 4.2%. Very Pale. Made using a single pilsner malt and Cascade and Galaxy hops. It has the pale straw colour normally associated with lagers but is less carbonated and definitely an ale. Fruity and less bitter than the IPA. This ale will accompany light white food such as fish but also has enough punch from the galaxy hops to accompany bolder flavours as well.

We designed this beer to cross the border between ale and lager. Ale is a drink that is becoming more and more popular among both young and old drinkers. Pale as a lager but with the full flavour of an ale.


Red Ale 3.8%. Chestnut Brown. Pale ale malt blends with light and dark crystal malts to produce delicious caramel flavours. A light topping of roasted barley darkens the brew and gives the ale a distinctive malty flavour. Cluster hops give this ale a subtle hoppy aroma. Red meat dishes make the perfect accompaniment but it is also especially good with pies. A proper bitter.




Mild Disobedience 4.0% Black. A naughty little number blending Rye and Carafa Malt with fruits of the forest flavours from Bramling Cross Hops, moody, but not bitter about its fate. Darker than a normal bitter but more light hearted than a dark and brooding stout. Milds! They don’t like to follow the rules of other beers 




crispin-amber-alecrispin-pale-aleCrispin Amber Ale 4.0% and Crispin Pale Ale 4.0%. The Crispin Amber ale was originally commissioned by The Crispin Inn in Sandwich the creation of this Pub’s own ale was undertaken to add to the uniqueness of the pub. Terry and some of his customers joined the Mad Cat team to brew the first batch of this beer and has been involved all the way through several developments with feedback from his customers. Now it is available as both a 4.0% amber malty ale and a 4.0% pale ale version. Same strength, same hops, same yeast, but the pale ale has less dark malt. Available across our region, but reserved in Sandwich for The Crispin Inn.