Kaleidoscope IPA 5% – 12x500ml Bottles

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A symphonic fusion of fruity flavours that celebrates British hops.

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We set ourselves the challenge of making a beer that wasn’t too bitter (West Coast IPAs), wasn’t too cloudy or hazy (New England IPAs), but could compete with these contemporary American-styled ales in terms of flavours and aromas. The kicker, we wanted to use 100% British malts and hops.

Taking inspiration from Louis Wain’s Kaleidoscope Cats, this beer is a symphonic fusion of fruity flavours that celbrates home grown hops. Resulting in an IPA that is bursting with new world fruity flavours and aromas, finished with that terrior unique to British hops.

Look: Sunlit Gold
Aroma: Passionfruit
Taste: Stonefruit
IBU: 33
Hops: Harlequin & Olicana (developed by Charles Faram)

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