Crowning Glory


Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away in September 2022. At the time of her Jubilee we were pleased to celebrate with ‘Crowning Glory’. A steadfast stout, brewed in commemoration of Her Platinum service, This strong, sturdy, traditional stout may be kept as a memento for years to come, or be enjoyed in celebration of our sovereign’s historical achievement.

We brewed this strong beer deliberately to have a long shelf life. You can drink bottles now and/or save others as souvenirs. Presented in special Crown Capped 750ml Champagne bottles. Lift a glass in commemoration, offer a toast, give a speech. perhaps even (for the crazies out there) share some.

We knew the Queen as a champion of The Commonwealth but the Imperial part of the name refers to the historical style of the beer as a strong luscious black delight. The Imperial Stout style is strong. Malty, rich, a little choclately, and our version is made with English East Kent Golding Hops.

This beer is Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. No finings added and bottle conditioned.

Bottles are available for a short period from our website



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