Serious Plottin’ 4.5% Pale fruity Saison. 5 Litre (9 Pint) Mini Keg

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Fruity Saison

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Serious plottin’ 4.9% is a pale fruity Saison beer in the classic style of the northern European Spring Beers. Fruity, zesty, light, refreshing.

The Style is traditionally slightly hazy by design, was brewed originally on farms during the growing season.

ABV: 4.5%

Look: Golden

Aroma: Fruity, zesty, light, refreshing

Taste: Bitter

IBU: 24

Hops: Magnum, Target, East Kent Golding,

Adjuncts: Rhubarb

Food Pairing: Salads, Pasties, Street food.

Not Suitable for vegetarians or vegans.

Contains barley gluten


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