Mad Cat’s day out at The Light Sittingbourne

Did you know that the new venue The Light in Sittingbourne stocks Mad Cat’s Revolution Pale Ale?  In order to publicise this news, we organised a photo-shoot at The Light and arranged for a pint of our beer to have an exciting day out!

The Light and Mad Cat

For those of you who haven’t visited this shiny, brand-new entertainment complex, you’re missing a treat. It’s a great venue and genuinely offers something for everybody.  It even transpires that it’s a great day out for a pint of fine ale!

The Light is very supportive of local producers and we were delighted they chose to stock our Revolution Pale Ale.  So we decided this warranted a photo shoot in order to show off a pint of Revolution, dressed in a Mad Cat glass and posing and strutting its stuff around the venue!

Fun-packed photo shoot

This charming pint – with aromas of pine, floral and citrus and tastes of passionfruit, white grape and lemongrass – toured round The Light’s cinema, diner, bars (of course), bowling alley, amusement arcade and even made a trip up the stairs to the secret tree house (without spilling a drop).

At this point, we should mention the very friendly staff at The Light who took all of our shenanigans in their stride and with very good humour.  The manager Mil should be immensely proud of his team who bent over backwards to accommodate us.

Why not visit yourself?

If you plan to visit The Light, it’s very conveniently located right next to Sittingbourne station. So you can enjoy a couple of pints of Mad Cat and then catch the train home.

In the meantime, here’s a selection of photos from our day out – enjoy! We strongly recommend your visit yourself soon.

PS.  If you do visit – why not take a photo of your pint of Mad Cat Revolution’s exploits and tag a post with @madcatbrewery on Facebook or Instagram.  We’d love to share them.



Find out more about The Light on their website here

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