Mad Cat notches up its 500th brew

Trumpets please – we’re so happy to announce that after eight years of producing delicious craft beer we have now just completed our 500th brew!

About our 500th brew

Peter Meaney from Mad Cat says: “We only brew in small batches and a great deal of love, care and attention goes into all the beer that we brew. Our first brew eight years ago was a Golden IPA and it’s very fitting that all these years later, our 500th brew is also a Golden IPA.   Although we now also brew a wide variety of different beers including bitters, pale ales, stouts and lagers.

“We’re still very proud of our first beer Golden IPA, which is a beautiful ale with a lovely golden hue with a pronounced citrussy and peppery aroma.  It has been a very popular beer with our customers over the years.”

500 brews – facts and figures

In the eight years it has been brewing, Mad Cat has produced an estimated 143,000 gallons of beer and the product they have brewed the most is the Crispin Amber Ale. They say the trickiest product to brew is Serious Plottin’, a Rhubarb Saison, due to its tendency to keep fermenting when it should stop! Though this accolade is likely to change in the near future with the development of an Alcohol Free Lager.

Where to buy Mad Cat beers

Mad Cat Brewery sells its range of beers through a number of pubs, bars and retailers across London and the South East.  Customers throughout the country can also buy Mad Cat’s current range of available beers through our on-line shop.

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