Keeping your beers cool in summer

Summer is here (for a couple of days at least) and whilst we make the most of it, it does present one small problem. How to do you keep your beers cool in a heatwave?

Fear not, we have put together some cooling hacks to keep your beer as cool as a cat.

The bucket of ice

Most of you will have thought of this one.  Get a large bowl, bucket, paddling pool or any other container and fill it with ice.  The trick here is to resist the temptation to add too many beers.  Ensure you have more ice than beer as with fewer beers the cooling reaction will happen faster.

Add some salt

We aren’t suggesting you need to add salt to your beer, add it to your ice water. Salt lowers the freezing temperature of the mixture of ice and water, causing the ice to melt.  This lowers the water’s temperature and chills the beer faster.

Build a sand fridge

Sand can be used to insulate pots and create a kind of mini fridge.  It takes a couple of hours to chill down but works really well ensuring your beers are kept cool all day long.

To build your “sand fridge” you will need two pots of different sizes, terracotta garden pots are perfect for this.  Place about 5cms of sand on the bottom of the larger pot and then place the smaller pot inside.  Fill the void between the two pots with more sand until it’s completely packed. Next, gently pour icy water into the gap between the pots so that it soaks into the sand thoroughly.

Now add your beers into the pots and cover with a wet towel that has been soaked with cold water.  Make sure it covers the entire opening. Your “sand fridge” is now complete. As the water evaporates from the sand and the towel, it will cool the interior of the pot. Leave the contraption to sit for a few hours, but once it has cooled to temperature it will keep your beers cool all day and evening.

Of Course, if you cannot take these measures, you may want to ensure you stock up on Mad Cat beers, which actually taste good when they are not kept cold.

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