Help! My favourite pub can’t open yet

It’s been a couple of weeks since the latest round of restrictions lifted and we could visit our local and enjoy a beer in the garden, and hasn’t it felt fantastic?  Many venues have invested in ways to keep us warm whilst we enjoy our favourite beers (and perhaps a meal) in the beer garden.

In all the excitement, it is easy to forget that not all pubs are able to re-open as many pubs, especially micro pubs, don’t have suitable outside space.  They have to wait another three long weeks (at least) before they can welcome customers through their door once more.

These venues still need your support. Many pubs started selling their beers online during lockdown.  Some even started helping local brewery’s to deliver beer direct to customers – read our blog here.

So how do we support our favourite watering hole if it cannot currently open?

We think we have the answer.  Create your own Beer Club! (think Book Club but with beers).

Create your own Beer Club in 6 simple steps.

  1. Choose five friends that enjoy a beer and invite them along at your specified date.
  2. Choose a beer to be sampled and discussed at Beer Club. Order one (or two) minikegs from your local pub or Mad Cat Brewery’s online shop.  Remember, a minikeg holds around nine pints so you may want to order a variety of beers if you intend to have a serious discussion.
  3. Create a cosy seated area in your garden, patio heaters or fire pits may be required initially.
  4. Order take away meal to accompany beer or get snacks in.
  5. Pour six pints. Sit back and let the serious business of sampling and discussing the merits of each beer and how well it pairs with food begin*
  6. Remember to book the next date for Beer Club** (members may wish to take it in turns to host).

Ok, we may be slightly tongue in cheek, but simple things like adding a minikeg (or two) to when you gather with friends and family really goes a long way to supporting your local pub and micro brewers.

*You may wish to include score sheets or tasting notes but this is not compulsory

**You should always do this at the beginning of the evening.

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