You can now enjoy delicious Mad Cat beer in the comfort of your own home thanks to these 500ml bottles. There are 3 varieties available and you can purchase them directly from our brewery or from selected retailers across Kent.

Big Stik 4.4%

Big Stik! is Mad Cat Brewery’s hoppiest beer yet and brewed specially for bottles.

This delicious pale ale is dry-hopped with a massive dose of Rakau – a fantastic variety from New Zealand whose name is a Maori word for a wooden staff. Expect a hop punch with intense aromas of peach, apricot and orchard fruit, as well as a crisp bitter bite. Perfect for all you hop-heads out there.

Hops: Rakau, Columbus, First Gold and Magnum

Suitable for vegans

Perfect served with sushi and other light seafood dishes.

Under Pressure 4.0%

Under Pressure is a steam beer or ‘California Common’, a style first brewed in the 1800s to quench the thirst of American gold prospectors. Made like an ale, but brewed with lager yeast, this hybrid beer provides a smooth and malty flavour that we have balanced with British and European hops to give a gorgeous floral aroma and lingering bitter finish.

We first made Under Pressure as a green hop cask beer in September 2018 and it proved so popular it is now available all year round in bottles, albeit with regular hops.

Hops: East Kent Golding, Aurora and Magnum

Suitable for vegans

Perfect served with street food and barbecue.

Jester 4.0%

If you think British hops are boring, you need to try this English pale ale. Jester® brings the intense flavours and complex bitterness of new world hop varieties, but is British, born and bred.

To ideally showcase this singular hop, we have created a beer that uses Jester® and nothing else, bringing out its passionfruit, citrus and tropical aromas perfectly.

Hops: Only Jester®

Suitable for vegans

Perfect served with spicy food, such as Thai or Mexican.