Keepers are ales so popular we aim to keep them available all the time.

We craft regular brews of the following Real Ales. The KEEPER range incorporates colour variation from dark to light, low hop level ales and high hop level ales and various alcohol strengths for a balanced bar.

However we also like to bounce around like Mad Cats and enjoy the creativity and challenge of making different styles of ale. So for Seasonal Specials please see our SEASONAL range

Golden India Pale Ale 4.2%

A Golden ale with a noticeable delicious peppery hop aroma.

Hops: Magnum, Aurora, and Cascade producing complex taste tingling flavour.

The Golden colour derives from Amber Malt.

Good with Indian Fusion, Thai, Moroccan and Mexican cuisine.,

Platinum Blonde ale 4.2%.

Our lightest coloured beer made with a single very pale malt.

Noticeably citrus hop aroma. Great alternative to Lager. Chills nicely.

Made with very pale malt resulting in a very pale ale. Hops: Cascade, Phoenix and First Gold

Our Platinum Blonde goes well with white meat dishes; chicken, pork, fish, and sushi.

Emotional Blackmail 4.5%

Delicious peppery and spicy Ruby Rye ale, with a background of rich dried fruits.

As this is our brewer Ben’s first brand new recipe for Mad Cat Brewery we have named the brew after his cat, Emotional Blackmail or ‘Mo’ for short. After being emotionally blackmailed into getting a cat Ben decided it would be a apt name for his new pet, and we thought it made a apt name for his first beer with us.

Great with Middle Eastern and Mexican food.

Red Ale 3.9%. Best Bitter.

Chestnut Brown bitter noticeably, but not overpoweringly, malty. A bit fruity and nutty too. Hops: Bramling Cross and First Gold

We’re looking for a good all rounder that will lubricate good times and good conversation. 

This will be a beer that you’ll enjoy with steak and chips, dark meaty dishes or a decent ploughman’s.

Crispin Amber Ale 4.0% and Crispin Pale Ale 4.0%.

The Crispin Amber ale was originally commissioned by The Crispin Inn in Sandwich.  Terry The Landlord and some of his customers joined the Mad Cat team to brew the first batch of this beer and has been involved all the way through several developments with feedback from his customers.

Now available throughout our region (but reserved in Sandwich for The Crispin Inn) as both a 4.0% amber malty ale and a 4.0% hoppier pale ale version. Same strength, same principal hop (EKG), same yeast, but the pale ale has less dark malt.

A Delicious use of Kent’s finest East Kent Goldings hops.