You can find us just off the M2 near Faversham, situated at Brogdale Farm, amongst many many apple, pear and cherry orchards.

Mad Cat Brewery is a working brewery making and delivering real ale to pubs across north Kent. Our brewing and delivery operations run throughout the week, but our staffing levels are low which means sometimes we are in and sometimes we are out. Consequently we cannot guarantee to be around!

When we are in, we like visitors to the brewery, we are after all on the site of the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale Farm and visitors often swing by, drawn in by the occasional whiff of hops on the air. We like to show people what we do and where we craft our ales.

Brogdale Farm has a “season” with many visitors during blossom time in the spring and then later when the orchards are laden with fruit. Outside of these times visitors to the site can be infrequent.

Due to the ebb and flow of visitors during the seasons we can’t guarantee to be open all the time. We are as yet too small to be manned up for drop in visitors on a permanent basis.

However we are happy to accommodate pre-booked tours and groups depending on our production and distribution cycles. A range of options are available, some just based on presentations on brewing, and some including the sampling of our ales. NB the Maximum number of people we can comfortably manage in the brew house for a brewing talk / presentation is 24. Presentations will be given by the actual brewers who have formulated and made the brews from start to finish.

Please call 07960 263615 to discuss your visiting options with us.

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