Food Safety and Quality Certified Brewery

fsq-certificate-compressed-for-webMad Cat Brewery have been awarded the Society of Independent Brewers’ (SIBA) Food Safety and Quality accreditation (FSQ) which may leave you wondering what exactly SIBA’s Food Safety and Quality accreditation (FSQ) means!

It was created by SIBA to help differentiate between serious high quality brewers and those simply brewing without any formal procedures in place.  Partially influenced by multiple retailing groups demanding food safety and quality assurance from their suppliers and partially to keep standards high within SIBA membership, SIBA have sought to create a quality process that is rewarded with a Food Safety and Quality accreditation.

As SIBA are champions of quality, their scheme of standards comprises:

  • Raw materials
  • Brewing process and record keeping
  • Packaging process and record keeping
  • Cleaning regime
  • Premises maintenance
  • Testing procedures

We run a clean and tidy ship at Mad Cat Brewery and place the highest value on our own supply chain – from the ingredients (grain, hops and water) to the casks, keystone’s, shives and our own extensive brewing equipment which we’ve invested in quite substantially since our start-up in 2012.  It seemed entirely natural to us to have an audit by SIBA to prove that we meet set criteria and which will become our personal benchmark to maintain that high standard.

You can read more in SIBA Managing Director’s Last Word Column

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